Base Oil and Additives usage for Lubricants Industry

The heart of practically any lubricant is base oil. If you’re still unsure, consider the following instances. About 7% to 10% of engine oil is made up of additional chemicals, with the balance being base oil. Transmission fluids have a few extra additives—perhaps 10% to...
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Industrial and Marine-grade lubricants and grease

Although greases can be used as lubricants, they are not all greases! As a starting point, consider the following definition from the American Society for Testing and Materials: “A solid to semi-fluid result of a thickening agent in a liquid lubricant; other additives may...
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Uso dei grassi al calcio e al litio

Il grasso è un lubrificante solido o semisolido creato da un lubrificante liquido con additivi addensanti. Il grasso contiene comunemente sapone emulsionato e olio minerale o vegetale. Il grasso ha una viscosità iniziale elevata che diminuisce con il taglio, dando luogo a un...
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