Chez Dana Lubrifiants, nous proposons également des graisses. Nous avons plusieurs types de graisses pour pièces automobiles et industrielles dans notre gamme de produits.



Graisse lubrifiante pour applications automobiles et industrielles.



Chez DANA, nous avons des lubrifiants pour pièces automobiles à base de graisses à base de lithium.

La graisse lithium est une graisse lithium EP2 adaptée à la lubrification générale, à la maintenance et à l’automobile lorsque les contraintes ne sont pas trop importantes.


D’origine minérale, épaissie au lithium. Il convient à tous les types de moyeux, roulements, rouleaux, engrenages, charnières. Également utilisé dans l’industrie automobile pour les roulements et les joints. Grâce à ses propriétés anticorrosion, il convient aux conditions extérieures. Plages de température de fonctionnement: de -20 à +140 ° C.


Nous proposons 6 produits pour les graisses lubrifiantes automobiles polyvalentes à base de lithium.


– Graisse multi-usages MP 000 Lithium, NLGI 000


– Graisse MP 00 Graisse polyvalente au lithium, NLGI -00


– Graisse multi-usages au lithium MP 0, NLGI -0


– Graisse multifonction au lithium MP 1, NLGI – 1


– Graisse polyvalente au lithium MP2, NLGI -2


– Graisse MP3 multifonction au lithium, NLGI – 3








Graisse au savon de calcium.


At DANA we also have calcium soap grease. It is suitable for all applications where, in particular, water washout and fillers are present.

It also offers excellent resistance to water, corrosion and lubricates well.




  • Bearings
  • Bucket pins and joints
  • Spring blades
  • Plain bearings
  • Seal grooves and lips
  • Slides, slides
  • Cylindrical roller bearings, tapered



At DANA we have several calcium soap offers.


– MP 1 Multipurpose Calcium Grease, NLGI -1


– MP 2 Multi-purpose Calcium Grease. NLGI -2


– MP 3 Multipurpose Calcium Grease, NLGI -3




It provides excellent water resistance and protection against corrosion and rust to maintain lubrication on the metal surface.

It is also water resistant to DANA CBG.






Mineral oil based grease.



We have different types of grease in our mineral oil based range.


The universal lithium grease which provides long-lasting lubrication of all rolling, rotating, sliding or interlocking mechanisms and protects against oxidation and corrosion.



The grease (LITHIUM/CALCIUM) is an extreme-pressure multi-purpose grease, developed for the lubrication of all types of industrial applications operating in dry or wet conditions with or without dust.


The calcium-based grease is a universal grease used for all difficult lubrication applications, particularly in the presence of dust, water or high temperatures. It is used for the lubrication of public works machinery, industrial equipment subject to heavy loads or high temperatures and trucks for general lubrication, joints, bearings, fifth wheels. The calcium-based grease increases super adherent grease can only be used at a temperature between -20°C and +150°C.




Clay Base Grease are soap-free inorganic thickeners, smooth structured greases with a base oil specially selected for high temperature operating conditions under severe impact conditions.


Silicone grease is a colourless solution that provides excellent lubrication by protecting against moisture and corrosion. It prevents moving parts from jamming and resists high pressure and high temperatures.

Silicone grease is a silicone lubricant used to lubricate the friction of metal parts against rubber parts, which, due to their nature, must be in contact with each other.


We also have other types of greases such as aluminium complex grease.






Industrial food grease.



The industrial grease allows the lubrication of industrial machines, to avoid breakage or deterioration of their condition. There are different types of food grease at DANA


Calcium Sulphonate Greases are new generation greases intended in particular for the lubrication of all mechanical systems operating under heavy loads and/or subject to water washout.




High temperature greases are particularly suitable for the lubrication of components. These greases enable you to maintain a lubricating film and the apparent viscosity necessary for the correct operation of your equipment, especially if they are subjected to heavy loads causing heating.




  • Roller bearing operating under severe conditions
  • Rolling mill bearings
  • Furnace fan bearings
  • Rolling bearings on glueing machine
  • Hot mix asphalt plants
  • Crushing and screening equipment
  • Oven trolleys and floor rollers


Synthetic greases are made up of more than 80% synthetic base oil which will ensure lubrication.

Under extreme operating conditions (very low temperatures of around -40°C or very high temperatures > 200°C), the use of synthetic base oils is necessary to achieve performance levels that cannot be achieved with conventional greases based on mineral oils. These base oils are very resistant to oxidation and are used in particular for lifetime lubrication at standard temperatures. Synthetic greases represent a number of speciality greases and are very often a choice of alternative maintenance solutions.




  • Bearings and bearings for electric motors
  • Micro-mechanisms, robots
  • Connectors, microelectronic parts
  • Gluing table protection
  • Seal grooves and lips
  • Slides, slides
  • Cylindrical roller bearings, tapered
  • Furnace rollers
  • Motor vehicle interiors



There are also other types of fats such as edible fats such as high pressure, low temperature and multi-purpose fats.




Synthetic grease



At DANA we have more than ten synthetic greases. Synthetic greases are made up of more than 80% synthetic base oil which will ensure lubrication.

In extreme service conditions (very low temperatures of around -40°C or very high temperatures > 200°C), the use of synthetic base oils is necessary to achieve performances that conventional greases based on mineral oils cannot achieve. The synthetic base oils used are in particular :

1         PAO (PolyAlphaOlefin)

  1. GDP (PolyIsoButene)
  2. PAG (PolyalkyleneGlycol)
  3. PFPE (PerFluoroPolyEther)
  4. Silicones
  5. Synthetic Esters


Ces huiles de base sont très résistantes à l’oxydation et sont notamment utilisées pour la lubrification à vie à des températures standard. Les graisses synthétiques représentent de nombreuses graisses spéciales et constituent très souvent un choix de solutions de maintenance alternatives.






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