Mineral Turpentine Oil and its uses

Mineral turpentine, commonly referred to as turpentine substitute, turps substitute, or just turps, is a low-cost petroleum-based alternative for vegetable-based turpentine. It’s often used as an organic solvent in various applications and as a paint thinner for diluting...
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Naphthenic Base Oil and its uses

Naphthenic base oil is a kind of group V base oil that is produced by hydro-treating sweet crude distillates at pressures exceeding 2500 psi. Low pour point, excellent liquidity, low wax, and low aromatic content characterise naphthenic base oil. Printing inks, adhesives and...
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Different types of Base Oils and their origins

  Base oil is found in all lubricants. Lubricants are typically composed of 90% basic oil and 10% additives. The American Petroleum Institute (API) divides base oils into five categories based on saturate content, sulphur content, and viscosity index.   Saturation Level Saturates...
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Engine Oil and their Benefits

Engine Oil Engine oil’s principal function is to lubricate an engine’s moving components. The oil keeps the parts moving smoothly and reduces friction and wear on engine components. It also removes heat from lubricated engine components before the oil is cooled in the...
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Use of Engine oil

To function correctly, every engine requires oil. Oil is, without a doubt, a necessary component of every engine. Motor oil, whether synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral, serves a variety of purposes. What are its objectives and advantages? What is the purpose of engine oil?...
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Dana Lubricants

Manufacturer & Exporter of Premium Quality Lubricants & Greases Automotive, Industrial & Speciality Lubricants We introduce ourselves as an established Lube Brand from India and are known under the trademark “DANA LUBRICANTS®”. We are known for affordable...
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Automatic transmission Fluids ATF and CVT Lubricating Oils & its Applications

Most drivers are comfortable with the variations between both manual and automatic transmission when it comes to transmissions. Manual transmissions rely on the driver’s feedback to choose the proper gear for the desired speed. Automatic transmission fluids, on the other...
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Automatic transmission fluid (ATF), also terms as transmission fluid or tranny fluid (colloquial). It is the fluid uses in vehicles with self-shifting or automatic transmissions. It is typically colored red or green to distinguish it from motor oil and other fluids in the...
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