We are leading Manufacturer & provider of Automotive Lubricant Oils , Engine Oils , Industrial Lubricants, Marine engine oils , Outboard marine engine oil  & Grease in Dubai UAE . Our range comprises but not limited to Car Engine Oils , Motorcycle Oils , Synthetic oils , Hydraulic Oils , Steering Fluid & Transmission Oils , Gear oils , Grease Lithium Calcium Multipurpose & Extreme Pressure EP2 , EP 3 , Marine Engine Oils , Diesel Engine Oils , Outboard marine engine oils for heavy duty applications .

DANALUBES enjoy reputation of a global brand worldwide for its highest level of product quality and excellent service and customer response . DANA Lubricants Factory LLC is well equipped with Modern state of art plan for lubricants blending in UAE . Oil testing laboratory is testing all oils for adherence to International ASTM standards laid by API , SAE , MIL , ACEA and NLGI International Organizations.Also OEM Certifications is under process for Big OEM like Volvo , Man , Mack , Renault , BMW , Mercedes Benz 

DANALUBES brand of Engine Oils , Grease & Industrial Lubricants  including Marine engine oils is distributed all over the world through network of its distribution agents in each country and city . Major countries covered are India , Bangladesh , Sri Lanka , Afghanistan , Nepal , China , Singapore , Malaysia , Indonesia , Myanmar , Cambodia , Vietnam , Thailand ,South America & Central America covering Bolivia , Brazil , Chile ,Colombia , Ecaudor , French Guiana ,Guyana , Paraguay , Peru ,Suriname and Uruguay .



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