Dana Ashless Dispersant is generally used with additive package in lubricant application.

It provides excellent low temperature sludge and varnish control in gasoline engines, and effective dispersancy in diesel engine, natural gas and marine cylinder lubricants.



Nitrogen, wt%                                              2.8-3.60(3.2 Typical)

TBN                                                               80

Specific gravity at 15.6°C                              0.9379

Density, lb/gal                                                7.581

Color , D-1500                                                5.0

Appearance                                                    Bright & brilliant

Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt                                   472

Flash (COC), °C (F°)                                       198(388)



 Maximum temperature of 150° F for handling and 77° F for long term storage are recommended. Ordinary precautions for handling concentrated chemicals and blending additives into base oils should be observed.


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