Performance Standard : API CJ4/CI4/CH4

SAE 20W50 API CJ4/CI4/CH4 is high performance diesel engine oil that provides proven engine protection of diesel engines operating in severe service applications. SAE 20W50 diesel engine oil is recommended for use in a wide range of heavy duty applications and operating environments found in the trucking, construction, and agricultural industries.



E – Extra Protection to Engine, Clutch & Gears

V – Value for Money with 70% Extra Mileage

O – Outstanding Performance in all Weathers


Applications :

SAE 20W50 diesel engine oil is recommended for use in the most severe applications of modern on and off highway diesel engines. It increase engine life between overhauls in high speed/high load operations and in pickup/delivery operation modes in both two-cycle and four-cycle engines.

  • Diesel-powered equipment from leading diesel engine manufacturers
  • On-highway light and heavy-duty trucking
  • Off-highway industries including: trucking, construction, quarrying, and agriculture
  • Mixed fleets


Specifications :

SAE 20W50 is recommended for use in applications requiring:


Features and Advantages :

The benefits that SAE 20W50 includes:

  • Enhanced protection for two and four cycle diesel engines in the most demanding on-and off-highway service.
  • Prolonged engine life.
  • Outstanding control of high temperature deposits.
  • Excellent soot control.
  • Helps to reduced engine scuffing and bore polishing due to enhanced high temperature/high shear viscosity retention.
  • Helps to improve low temperature sludge control in stop and- go service.
  • Easy starting in cold weather conditions.
  • Extended TBN quality reserve for long term wear and deposit control.
  • Helps to reduce oil consumption due to improved high temperature performance.


Technical Specifications :

SAE 20W50 Method Unit  
CMCS Code     978044
SAE Grade     20W-50
Appearance Visual   Bright and Clear
Viscosity @ 40ºC ASTM D 445 cSt 148.9
Viscosity @ 100ºC ASTM D 445 cSt 17.6
CCS Viscosity @ -15ºC ASTM D 5293 cP 8990
MRV @ -20ºC ASTM D 4684 cP 55600
HTHS @ 150ºC ASTM D 4683 mPa-s 3.74
Total Base Number (TBN) ASTM D 2896 mg KOH/g 8.2
Sulphated Ash ASTM D 874 wt% 0.8
Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270   129.8
Foam Seq. I (Tend. / Stab.) ASTM D 892 ml/ml 10/0
Foam Seq. II (Tend. / Stab.) ASTM D 892 ml/ml 50/0
Pour Point ASTM D 97 ºC -20
Flash Point ASTM D 92 ºC 200
Zinc ASTM D 4951 wt% 0.141
Phosphorus ASTM D 4951 wt% 0.128


Handling health & Safety :

Lubricants consisting of highly refined mineral oils with specification additives. In normal conditions of use, this lubricant presents no particular toxic hazard. All lubricants, of any kind should be handled with great care, particularly avoiding can contact with the skin.

Prevent any splashing, and keep away from combustible materials. Store under cover and away from any risk of pollution. Dispose off the used oil correctly; don’t pour down drains, into watercourses or the soil.


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