Hydraulic Oil ISO 68

Hydraulic Oil 68 is exceptional quality, top achievement hydraulic oil developed to accommodated the appeal for environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids. This product is based on synthetic, readily biodegradable esters. A high-performance, carefully selected additive package gives excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure properties as well as good thermal stability and corrosion protection. Inherently strong oxidation resistance anticipate gumming and drop accumulation at top temperatures. Because of the high natural VI of the base fluid and low pour point, the viscosity temperature behavior allows for a very wide operating temperature range.

Hydraulic Oil ISO 68 is recommended where there could be accidental fluid loss into the environment or where surface water contamination should be avoided.Application areas cover industrial, forestry and abyssal and decidedly in adaptable equipment. This can cover decay baptize analysis plants, reservoirs, waterways, parkland, drilling, backwoods machines, dredgers, river sluices and agriculture machines, etc. On ships, applications could cover bow thrusters, , propeller systems and deck machinery.


Applications :

hydraulic oils ISO 68 are recommended where long service life and a wide variety of industrial hydraulic and circulation systems are required.

Hydraulic oil 68 grade is most commonly used for hydraulics with vane-, piston-, or gear-type pumps, especially where pressures exceed 1000 psi. They can also be used to lubricate lightly loaded reciprocating compressors.

Meet ASTM D6158 HM,  Meet DIN 51524-2,  Meet ISO 11158 L-HM

Specifications :

Hydraulic Oil meets the requirements of: 68
ISO L-HEES, (ISO 15380, 2011) X
Swedish Standard, SS 15 54 34 (2003) X
WGK –Non Water Hazardous X


Features and Advantages :

     Features        Advantages
Hydraulic oil 68 is formulated with refined paraffinic base oils. It gives good service life in high pressure service.
It gives excellent antiwear protection, oxidation and corrosion inhibition, as well as foam and aeration suppression. Gives excellent protection against corrosion of both copper and steel, and passes the ASTM D665A distilled water rust test and ASTM D665B synthetic sea water rust test.
The antiwear additives in Hydraulic Oil 68 creates a protective film on the metal surfaces. Minimum viscosity change over a wide temperature range.
As hydraulic pressures increase over 1000 psi, the need for antiwear protection increases proportionally Excellent antiwear properties


Technical Specifications :

characteristics          68
KV at 40°c     66 – 70
VI , min.          95
Flash point, coc, °c. Min         210
Pour point, °c. Max.          -6


Handling health & Safety :

Lubricants consisting of highly refined mineral oils with specification additives. In normal conditions of use, this lubricant presents no particular toxic hazard. All lubricants, of any kind should be handled with great care, particularly avoiding can contact with the skin.

Prevent any splashing, and keep away from combustible materials. Store under cover and away from any risk of pollution. Dispose off the used oil correctly; don’t pour down drains, into watercourses or the soil.


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