DANA High Temperature Grease is a high performance, multipurpose lithium complex grease developed using an optimized combination of high quality mineral oil, proprietary thickener technology and a specially selected additive system enabling reliable performance across a wide range of temperatures whilst exposed to a variety of operational loads, speeds and environmental conditions. 


It is suitable for use in a wide range of plain and rolling element bearings within the Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Energy Industries, especially targeting those applications where upper operating temperatures are likely to exceed the limits of conventional, lithium thickened greases. The excellent thermal and mechanical stability makes it particularly suitable for use in bearing applications of higher than normal temperatures. 


  • Excellent thermal and mechanical stability ensure prolonged product integrity across a wider operating temperature range, thus enabling extended relubrication intervals and reduced maintenance.
  • Good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties provide the potential for prolonged component life. Also, Good water resistance provides enhanced protection in applications where the potential for exposure and contamination are higher.
  • Good corrosion protection.
  • Excellent multipurpose potential enabling a reduction in product inventory.
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