DANA Hand Sanitizers can wipe out 99.9% of germs

DANA Hand Sanitizers- Manufacturers And Suppliers of Alcohol based sanitizers in UAE (Made in UAE)

As of the time this article is being written (April 2020). The world is facing a global pandemic and at this point in time where Hand sanitisers...
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DANA has state of the art technology factory

DANA shuttering oil (Form-release oil)

Shuttering Vs Formwork Shuttering is the method of forming the mould using plywood, while formwork, on the other hand, denotes the same phenomena...
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dana lubricants made in uae - Engine oil Supplier & manufacturer in dubai uae

DANA Railroad oil/Zinc free train Engine oil

Introduction Railroad Oil/locomotive engine oil/ zinc free train engine oil/ railroad diesel engine oil is an optimized formulation containing...
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DANA low ash CNG/LPG/GNC Engine oil

Engine Oil – Introduction Engine oil is one of the substances that comprise base oils enhanced with various additives. Motor Oil is used...
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Trunk Piston Engine Oil for Marine Engine Lubricant (TPEO) Supplier

It’s probable these new fuels are going to have highly variable compositions, which may possibly lead to many logistical and operational...
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Natural Gas Engine Lubricant Oil Manufacturer & Supplier

Essentially, a lubricant of any machine lubrication is equally as crucial as the look of these aspects of the machines. Equipment manufacturers...
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Air Compressor Oil Lubricant Manufacturer & Supplier

Find out about how to correctly keep your compressor by simply caring for one’s compressor oil: Fluid change-out Guide, Service Hours...
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Turbine Oil Manufacturer & Supplier

Part inch specifications are constructed from elegant base oil having good thermal and oxidation stability. They feature anti-rust and...
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DANA White Jelly; Snow-white jelly (IP, BP & USP certified)

White Jelly – Introduction White jelly, Vaseline jelly or petrolatum is a semi-solid hydrocarbon C15H15N, chemical name...
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