DANA Railroad Engine oil is packed into drums of various sizes

Railroad Oil or locomotive or zinc free train engine oil or railroad diesel engine oil is an optimized formulation. It contains lower sulfur levels. It increased emission control systems for new as well as the older locomotive engine. Due to chlorine deprived composition, there is a significant reduction in detrimental effects on the environment.

The grade produced at DANA, SAE 40 oil for railway locomotives complies with the international quality standard. As a result, it has developed goodwill in the international market

The balanced detergent, dispersant, and anti-wear system provides superior control against soot, sludge, and wears which results in improved engine cleanliness, lower wear, and particulate emissions.

DANA SAE 40 locomotive engine oil can be effectively used for applications including railroad, marine, and stationary engines where zinc-free oils require.

Railroad oil provides proper lubrication for 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines, it can be effectively used irrespective of the engine is naturally aspirated or even a turbocharged unit.

Features of Railroad oil

Fuel Economy

The selection of proper diesel engine oil means increased fuel efficiency. It also adds cold start benefits.

Engine Protection

The use of proper railroad diesel engine oil would provide excellent wear protection. Also, high-temperature stability and oxidation control are all desirable for longer engine life.

Corrosion resistance

A zinc free composition is responsible for providing superior corrosion resistance for silver-bearing and other metals. It is the desired property because corrosion can prove to be really harmful in moist environments

Extended service

The overall maintenance cost decreases due to lower oil consumption (increase in efficiency of the lubrication oil)

Cleaner Engines

Since the DANA SAE 40 railroad oil boasts of excellent lubricating characteristics, it ensures that the engine remains clean for most of the working time. So, it can further translates into an extended engine life and better engine protection.

Technical specifications

Properties Units Min. value Max. value Methods
Density at 15oC g/cm3 0.88 0.91 ASTM D 4052-11
Kinematic Viscosity (40oC) CST 130 166 ASTM D 445
Kinematic Viscosity (100oC) CST 13.2 16.2 ASTM D 445
Index Viscosity Unitless 90 110 ASTM D 2270
Total Base Number mgKOH/g 13 ASTM D 2896
Content of Zinc Ppm <5 ASTM D 6595

Applications of railroad oil

The SAE 40 Railroad diesel engine oil finds its application in the following scenarios –

  • The Zinc-free Railroad oil finds its application in cases that require heavy-duty lubrication. Also, it is mainly recommended for use in diesel locomotive of Indian railways. Owing to its application in the Railroad industry (which is its primary application) it has been named the Railroad Diesel Engine oil.
  • It is also used as a shunting locomotive in heavy-duty steel and cement plants.
  • It can use effectively with a variety of engines including Railroad, marine, and stationary engines.

Attached herewith please find the link to the Datasheet of DANA Railroad Engine oil

DANA Zinc Free Train Engine Oil

Railroad Engine Oil drums are packed properly before transportation

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