DANA GASOLINE ENGINE OIL ADDITIVE is a balance dispersant-inhibitor crankcase multifunctional additive package used to formulate single and multi-grade heavy-duty and gasoline engine oils. Formulates for flexibility for use with both higher and lower performance levels. Designs for heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engine oils where industry certification doesn’t require. This product has been field-tested.



Applications: DANA GASOLINE ENGINE OIL ADDITIVE contains ash-less dispersants, zinc dithiophosphate and metallic detergents. It provides additional deposit, oil oxidation, wear, and rust control in gasoline and diesel engine oils when industry certification does not requires. This product has been field test.




Zinc, wt%                                                                     1.93

Phosphorous, wt%                                                      1.70

Sulfur, wt%                                                                 6.90

Calcium, wt%                                                             3.75

Nitrogen, wt%                                                             0.47




Specific Gravity @ 60ºF                                           1.0114

Viscosity, cSt @ 100ºC                                              38.0

Sediment, vol%                                                          <0.01

Color, D-1500                                                             <7.5

TBN                                                                             110


Maximum temperatures of 110ºF for handling and 100ºF for long-term storage are recommending. Typical precautions for handling concentrate chemicals and blending additives into base oils should observe.


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