Calcium Multipurpose Grease MP3

Calcium Multipurpose Grease MP3 formulated from Mineral oil thickened by calcium hydroxide. Additionally, It has a Smooth and also buttery texture and excellent water resistant property, mechanical stability and lubricating performance.


Applications :

  • Used in automotive vehicles , chassis points , king pins and die pins.
  • Also used in Industrial and Construction equipments.
  • Used as maintenance grease in workshops.
  • Used in lubrication of pivots , joints , springs.


Benefits :

  • Excellent adhesive property.
  • Minimum leakage and loss in wash due to strong resistance to wear.
  • Well distributed texture.
  • Superior mechanical and shear stability.


Technical Specifications :

Typical Characteristic Value
Grade NLGI 3
Color Natural
Structure Smooth
Penetration Worked ,0.1mm 220-250
Dropping Point , C 95
Water Resistance Very Good
Rust Protection Pass
Service Temperature ,C -20 to 120 C



Recommendation for Use

  • Non corrosive and stable in ambient conditions , Non irritating to eyes and skin ,can be stored in mild steel containers.


Handling and Precautions

  • Prevent water and impurities during storage and transportation.
  • Also, Do not mix with other type of grease.
  • Again, Do not heat before using.
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