The world is facing a global pandemic. At this point in time where Hand sanitizers are an instrumental role in fighting the Coronavirus. We at DANA are exporting to different parts of the world. Danalubes adheres to all national and international safety standards. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are making sure that quality is never compromised.

DANA Hand Sanitizers contain 70% alcohol and with that different moisturizers ensure that the hands remain smooth and soft.

We at DANA have covered all your needs when it comes to hand sanitizers. With production based in UAE, Dubai, Our members have a strong market in Saudi Arabia, Sharjah, UAE, and Kuwait. We deal in alcohol-based sanitizer that contains an alcohol content of not less than 70% v/v. DANA hand sanitizers produce under sterilized laboratory conditions which ensure that their composition is anti-bacterial. And, it is effective in killing 99.9% of germs and bacterias.

Hand Sanitizers – Introduction

Sanitizers are a commodity of utter importance for medical professionals and the common people in every household of a nation. In this time of emergency; sanitizers’ uses are now evident among all classes and sects.

Denatured alcohol is the most abundant constituent of sanitizers. Sanitizers contain 70% to 99.5% alcohol composition which practically makes alcohol equivalent to sanitizers. The other constituent of sanitizer only makes it a product that is easily usable. Like giving it a gel-like composition which makes it more convenient to carry and use. Other constituents include an external fragrant to get rid of a strong alcohol smell.

Denatured Ethanol

Denatured alcohol is nothing but ethanol which is unfit for human consumption with the addition of one or more chemicals (denaturants) to it. So, this alcohol is not a whole lot different from ordinary alcohol, the difference is the eradication of a property from the latter to obtain the former.

It founds in reagent alcohol in school labs, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, and other personal care products.

Why is ethanol denatured?

Pure alcohol uses in household applications and it offers a much less expensive and readily available source of ethanol for drinking. This is the very reason it is important to denature alcohol.

Chemical composition of denatured ethanol

Denatured ethanol does not necessarily have a fixed composition, as there are hundreds of ways in which ethanol denatures.

For instance, denatured ethanol intends as fuel or solvent generally contains about 5% of methanol.

Isopropanol, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, pyridine, benzene, and diethyl phthalate are among the substances which add as a chemical additive into pure alcohol for its denaturing.

Applications of hand sanitizers

  • Household

In today’s time, the use of hand sanitizers in households is more evident than it ever was, and not just in emergencies, but the use of sanitizers in other domestic applications and especially while travel is now a part of our daily schedule since they are commercial products in the common market.

  • Medical

The primary use of hand sanitizers is a need for medical professionals. This is because of maintaining sterilized and sanitized personal conditions to avoid contracting or transmitting disease-causing microorganisms. That happened when the sterilizing properties of alcohol were used for personal hygiene, like hand sanitizers.

  • Food industry

After all, This relatively new-found industry adheres to strict hygiene principles. Because of mass production and distribution of products. So, they can use directly for consumption among people. A lot of responsibilities rest on the hygiene standards which follow. Regular and thorough sanitization of equipment, machinery, and personals is of utter importance. Sanitizers fulfill this need at the fundamental and intimate level at which it requires.

  • Hospitality

Correct sanitization practices are necessary for hotels especially. Because of the range of vulnerabilities, these businesses expose. Hotels often crowded with travelers who expose to a variety of situations they may be vulnerable to. They can even act as carriers. However, In such cases the need for sanitization of hotel rooms and proper hygiene practices of professionals is unquestionable. Sanitizers are thus immaculate application considering time efficiency and thorough results.

DANA Hand Sanitisers

DANA Hand sanitizers are available in different packing sizes


  • Our hand sanitizers come in packaging pertaining to your needs. We provide sanitizers in 100mL, 250mL, and 500mL packaging
  • We prepare a composition that is capable of completely wiping out all the germs, with that, we have also ensured that the hands remain soft and nourished (addition of different moisturizers).
  • DANA Hand sanitizers use for anti-bacterial application without the use of water or towel. Because it effectively kills all germs and bacteria in no time.
  • Produce sanitizers according to your needs and conditions if you own a private label or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brand.
  • We provide raw materials (alcohol) related to Hand sanitizers. Also, in-case a private label brand is willing to manufacture or supply them.
  • Provide composition variety providing sanitizers which contain as low as 70% alcohol content, to a maximum of 99.5% Alcohol
  • Results show 99.9% removal of germs after use of our sanitizers. Thus, you can trust DANA for quality, reliability, flexibility, and convenience.

Instructions for usage

  • Take a sufficient quantity of DANA hand sanitizer on your hand to make sure that hands are completely wet.
  • Rub the hands together, ensuring that all the surfaces are covered.
  • Make sure that you rub the hand for at least 20 seconds so that the sanitizer completely wipes all the bacteria and germs.

Raw Materials

In conclusion, we do supply alcohol  firms willing to manufacture and supply hand sanitizers, As you own a private label or OEM brand and wish to obtain the best quality raw materials for producing hand sanitizers, here are the links to the data-sheets


Contact Details

DANA Lubricants Factory LLC (www.danalubes.com) established in 2002 is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We manufacture our products in Dubai, UAE. Danalubes takes immense pride in asserting the fact that we established ourselves as truly diverse and dedicated to announcing the products we deal with. We at DANA take care of a wide range of your demands. Dana Lubricants are also sure of the fact that we proudly associate ourselves with quality in every aspect we produce and every market we enter.

Our products are available wide demographic as we export over products to a number of countries including Bangladesh, Turkey, Africa, South America, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand. Being one of the top suppliers, we work hard so that we can deliver the most premium of qualities at non-premium and affordable prices.

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