Most drivers are comfortable with the variations between both manual and automatic transmission when it comes to transmissions. Manual transmissions rely on the driver’s feedback to choose the proper gear for the desired speed. Automatic transmission fluids, on the other hand, has greater convenience by changing gears automatically based on inputs such as vehicle rpm, throttle position, and engine revolutions.

Automatic transmissions are the most popular alternative among drivers’ easiness of use and comfort. Almost every model also comes with either a traditional automatic transmission or a CVT, which works similarly to a traditional automatic.

ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) & its Applications

An automatic transmission, also known as an auto, self-shifting transmission, or AT, replaces the friction clutch with a fluid coupling, which allows for gear shifts by hydraulically locking and releasing a series of planetary gears. These systems have a predetermined gear selection and, in many cases, a parking pawl that locks the transmission’s output shaft to prevent the car from moving forward or backward.

Automatic transmission Fluids

There are a lot of gears in this system, so Auto Transmission fluid is crucial to provide a lot of lubricants and reduce as much friction as possible when the engine is driving.

Here’s a rundown of automatic transmission fluids and their applications to help you choose the right ATF for your vehicle.

Dexron 1 – ATF Dexron I is perhaps a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid for many vehicle applications that outperforms traditional automatic transmission fluids and provides outstanding thermal stability. ATF Dexron I designs to satisfy the high demands of today’s passenger cars. ATF Dexron I is a multi-vehicle formula designed for today’s high-performance cars, SUVs, SUTs, buses, and other light vehicles.

Dexron II— ATF Dexron II is a premium automatic gearbox oil formulated with solvents and purified base oils. ATF Dexron II is suitable for automatic transmissions, power steering systems, torque converters, and other applications where ATF Dexron II style oil recommends by GM and other manufacturers.

Dexron III- ATF Dexron III is a power steering and automatic transmission fluid. Most transmissions used in General Motors engines, Holden, Isuzu, Opel, and Hydramatic transmissions used in a wide variety of vehicles benefit from ATF Dexron III. It’s also suitable for many older Japanese vehicles that require Dexron-type fluids. Except for Mercedes Benz, ZF, BMW, Voith, and Renk, it is recommended for other transmissions where Dexron and Dexron II fluids specify.

Dexron VI— ATF Dexron 6 is a high-performance synthetic blend oil that complies with GM’s DEXRON VI standard and provides warranty cover for GM vehicles manufactured after 2006. Wherever DEXRON mentions, it also improves performance in older GM vehicles. For 2006 and newer GM cars, ATF Dexron 6 offers warranty cover.

CVT (Continuously Variable transmission) & its Applications

Single-speed transmission, steeples transmission, or pulley transmission are all terms for continuous variable transmission. The car is driven by a CVT mechanism, which does not have a series of gears. The CVT can smoothly move across a wide variety of appropriate gears. Because of the CVT’s stability, the input shaft will sustain a steady angular velocity. The CVT system used a belt-driven architecture. A belt or a metal link belt are the two kinds of belts. The only difference between CVT fluid and other fluids is that CVT fluid would contain more fiction rather than less fiction. It needs to be lubricant cation and more fiction to prevent the belt from sliding on the pulley system because it runs on a pulley system with belts.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) not only keeps the engine at its greatest power range all the time but also reduces wasted time between gear shifts, resulting in more uniform and reliable acceleration.

The CVT is an appealing piece of equipment that provides excellent fuel economy and performance, and its ability to move easily and smoothly on inclines can be advantageous to those who live in mountainous areas. However, the money you can save in fuel does not equal the amount you will end up paying when they crash, owing to the incredibly high cost of installation and unrealistically poor reliability.

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