Extremely hot or cold weather will impact your vehicle, so it’s a smart idea to check up on how to better control your engine’s cooling system when the seasons turn. You’ll need antifreeze and coolant to keep your cooling system running smoothly. Dana Anti-Freeze Coolant is a high-quality mono ethylene glycol anti-freeze radiator coolant that keeps water-cooled combustion engines running efficiently. It prevents the engine from excessive heat and frost damage while also shielding the cooling system from corrosion and rust. In hot weather, the fluid can lower the freezing point of cooling water to keep it from boiling.


For passenger cars and light-duty commercial vehicles with cooling systems, anti-freeze/coolant is recommended. Mixing multiple brands can result in a lack of security.

Depending on the atmospheric temperatures, the concentration of ethylene glycol can be adjusted by diluting it with water. Put the coolant in the machine after mixing it with the appropriate amount of water. If a break occurs on the painted wall, flesh, or fabric, flush with water.

Anti-freeze Coolant


Glycogen Anti-Freeze/Coolant fits and maintains the following industry efficiency standards:






Technical Data
Concentration Boiling Point 0c Freezing Point 0c PH Reserve Alkalinity Ethylene Glycol% Corrosion Test
30% Concentrate 104 -20 8.2 8 36 Pass
50% Concentrate 109 -36 8.5 12 51 Pass
100% Concentrate 172 -18 8.5 18 100 Pass

Depending on the atmospheric temperatures, the concentration of ethylene glycol can be adjusted by diluting it with water.


  • Approximately 30 to 40% of the fuel energy in a gasoline or diesel engine is converted to heat rather than power. Friction between the moving pieces often produces a significant amount of calories. Many of these squandered calories must be drained by the engine cooling system.
  • The cooling liquid absorbs the heat produced by the engine and returns it to the air through the radiator.
  • Due to improper heat transfer, even a shorter time of operating without cooling liquid is enough to trigger a piston seizure or cylinder head cracks.
  • The organic inhibitors’ electrochemical activity, which is never consumed during the drain cycle, increases material life and ensures optimum cooling of the engine.


Antifreeze and engine coolant are related but not identical substances. Antifreeze is a concentrated glycol-based solvent that must be mixed with water before application and is then called coolant. Pre-mixed engine coolant, a ready-to-use combination of antifreeze and water, is another choice.

Antifreeze, which is mainly ethylene glycol, is used in a car’s cooling system to maintain the engine operating smoothly and in sub-zero conditions. Ethylene Glycol reduces the freezing point of the coolant fluid in the radiator, as well as lubricating the water pump and preventing corrosion.

The most typical combination of antifreeze and water in the cooling system is 50:50. This is because antifreeze functions well as a condensed solvent (a coolant) when dealing with high temperatures. The engine can be easily controlled to the optimal temperature all year long with coolant in your car’s cooling system.

The additives that resist engine corrosion do expire, but antifreeze does not. As a result, you can refill the antifreeze according to the manufacturer’s expiration instructions.

Furthermore, since ethylene glycol is poisonous to both humans and animals, make sure to closely observe the manufacturer’s safety guidelines and disposal instructions.

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