Automotive Lubricant Engine Oils prepare in UAE  for all types of vehicles like cars, two-wheelers like scooty.  And four-wheelers including heavy trucks, buses, auto-rickshaw, tuk-tuk, and other industrial and agricultural machinery. The most commonly available Grade of Engine Oils is SAE 15W40 CH4 /CI4/CJ4 for heavy trucks. And SAE 20W50 SL /SM/SN for commercial buses and heavy cars. SAE 10W40 SL/SM/SN for vans and medium and lightweight vehicles. 5W30 SN for modern generation cars with the latest technologically advanced engines. SAE 50 API CF is also useful for older vehicles and trucks.

Dana engine oil for cars

Fully Synthetic Engine Oil SAE 5W40 API SN


4T Motorcycle Engine Oil for Bikes -Made in UAE ( DANALUBES)

DANA Diesel engine oil in 20 Liter Jerry cans in UAE

15W40 CH4 Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil for Trucks in UAE ( DANALUBES)

Most common Engine Oils available and useful are:-

  1. 5W30 Fully Synthetic for VOLVO VDS3 and Volvo VDS4 Oil , Scania Euro II , Scania Euro III emission, MAN  3477, MB 228.51 standards offering fuel economy and longer drain intervals
  2. 5W40 Fully Synthetic for VOLVO VDS 2 and VDS 3 , MAN M 3277  , MB 228.5 with advance emission system protection
  3. 10W40 Fully Synthetic VOLVO VDS 3 Oil , Scania Euro IV , Scania Euro V  emission standards , MA M 3277 , MB 228.51 with extra high performance

Heavy Duty Engine Oil for Buses and Trucks( for turbo charged diesel powered  equipment )

  1. 15W40 Heavy Duty Engine Oil CH4/CI4/CJ4  is used in heavy duty applications in the trucking , mining , construction ,quarrying and agricultural products
  2. 20W50 CH4 Heavy Duty Engine Oil for Bus and Trucks with better fuel economy , longer rain interval and oustanding soot handling
  3. 20W50 SL/CF Gasoline Engine Oil for tubro charged engines with ACEA A2/B2 requirements
Dana Diesel Engine Oil Made in UAE

Dana Diesel Engine Oil Made in UAE

4T Motorcycle Engine Oils for Motorcycles , Bikes and Racing Bikes

  1. 4T 10W30 Fully Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil with unique motorcycle formulations designed for common engine/ transmission lubrication system. Or designed where engine lubrication is different from transmission system lubrication
  2. The 4T 20W40 Fully and Semi Synthetic Motorcycle Oil with best wet clutch performance
  3. 4T 20W50 Fully and Semi Synthetic Motorcycle Oil – API SL/ SM /SJ , JASO MA2011 , JASOMA2 2011 with Very high viscosity index
Heavy Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 68 Made in UAE - DANA Lubricants Factory LLC

Heavy Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 68 Made in UAE – DANA Lubricants Factory LLC

2T Two Stroke Engine Oils for Scooters / Motorcycles/ Lawn Equipments/Tuk tuk / Auto rickshaw

  1. To use in premix ratio of 50 : 1 , recommended for both injection and premix systems ,JASO FB


Gear oil for Machines

Gear oil for Machines




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