Introduction of Brake Fluid Dot 3 and 4

Brake Fluid Dot 3 and 4 is a red-color superior premium quality completely fully synthetic heavy-duty hydraulic brake fluid.

It contains hostile to oxidant, metal de-activator, and erosion inhibitor for long administration life of brake fluid and brake segments.

Because of its high Equilibrium Reflux Boiling Point (above 205°C), the vapor locking issue is enormously decreased in high-temperature. And working conditions, particularly in urban areas where stop-and-go conditions require visit use of brakes. Its great low-temperature attributes empower it to capacity up to less than 40°C.



Prescribed for all cars having hydraulic brakes.

  • Highlights and Benefits
  • Excellent warm solidness
  • Fantastic concoction solidness
  • Great water resilience
  • Great ease at low temperatures




DANA Brake Fluid DOT 3 / DOT 4


Application of Brake Fluid Dot 3 and 4

Brake Fluid Dot 4 prescribes for present-day hydraulic braking systems. This includes both circle disk and drum-type in different new-age vehicles.


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