DANA Lubricants -Made  With German Technology, Since 2002

At DANA Lubricants production plant of Germany Technology, well equipped with big to small blending kettles. They are enabling us to toll blend lubricants from bulk volumes. This is for small batches catering to manufacturing a wide variety of lubricants engine oils & greases. In addition to catering to Specialty Lubricants for the DANA LUBES brand. Many prestigious private labels and OEM as per the contracts.

DANA Lubricants https://danalubes.com/ and BASF-Germany, a well-reputed Germany of additives suppliers. They have proudly associated with Germany additive technology partner imparting High-quality catering. The purpose is to meeting and exceeding all OEM with Certifications and Approvals from VOLVO, MACK, RENAULT, etc. Also, from MAN, MERCEDES BENZ, Volkswagen, BMW.

Automotive Lubricants namely Gasoline engine oils, Diesel Engine oils, Transmission fluids & gearbox fluids. It including manual and automatic are high-performance lubricants blended at DANA Lubricants.

BASF Germany additives enable us to blend not only these but also an entire range of industrial lubricants. Namely Compressor Oils, Industrial Gear oils, Slideway oils, and Metalworking fluids, Hydraulic oils, and Tractor fluids. They are catering to Agriculture and mining sector, Quenching oils for series of operations of cooling and quenching on metal surfaces.

dana lubricants made in uae - Engine oil Supplier & manufacturer in dubai uae

More about Dana Lubricants

DANA Lubricants, which is part of industrial conglomerate DANA Group, initiates its testing. And, research on engine oils in Germany at various locations viz Lemförde, Münster und Trostberg. Also, in Berlin and Gatersleben, Limburgerhof, near Ludwigshafen. Apart from Germany, Italy & Rome are also major locations in Europe.

DANA Lubricants is focusing to develop its specialty oils and additives packages for crankcase engine oil performances for gasoline as well as diesel in association with Italian conglomerate ENI S.P.A.These associations and endeavors have helped DANA Lubricants to boast itself as Quality leading supplier of Lubricant engine oils not only in the Middle East but also in Europe .

Shipping hub for containerized additives is Rotterdam , Netherlands from IPAC euCoöperatie UA.DANA Lubricants is the preferred choice of our clients in Europe for their Private Labels / OEM Toll Blending for Bulk Lubricants in Automotive Lubricants , Industrial Lubricants  & Marine Engine Oils related fields .

As an independent European manufacturer , DANA Lubricants is well equipped with Certifications and Approvals to assist its wholesale agents and distributors for selling the Brand globally with confidence and reliability making strong footprints growing compounded annually year on year .

DANA LUBES - Manufacturer of Engine Oil Petrochemical Grease in Dubai UAE

DANA Lubricants boasts itself as Oil & Gas company catering to Lubrication demands in automotive sector , industrial   lubricants sector as well as  supplying Petrochemicals worldwide and in Entire Europe covering not only Germany , Italy , Spain , United Kingdom , Greece , Netherlands , Iceland , Croatia ,Ukraine , Austria , Denmark.

Also, Malta , Czechia , Romania, Hungary , Ireland , Cyprus ,Slovenia ,Albania , Luxembourg , Estonia ,Lithuania ,Monaco , North Macedonia , Latvia , Bosnia , Herzegovina , Vatican City , Kosovo , Moldova , San  Marino , Andora, Farroe Islands ,  Gibraltar, Liechtenstein , Isle of man , Jersey , Guernsey , Aland Islands , Netherlands.

Premium Fully Sythetic & SEmi Synthetic Engine Oils - MADE BY DANA LUBES dubai UAE


Automotive Lubricants, Industrial Lubricants, Speciality Oils  & Marine Engine Oils – Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards, tested as per ASTM International Test Methods, Complying API American Petroleum Institute Performance Standards https://www.api.org/– With German Technology – Made in UAE

  1. Automotive Lubricants – Gasoline / Petrol Engine Oil or Motor oil
  2. That  Automotive Lubricants – Diesel / Turbocharged engine oils
  3. Industrial Lubricants – Hydraulic Oils for mines, construction machines, crushers
  4. The Industrial Lubricants – Rust prevention oils, Corrosion Inhibitor Oils, Flushing oils
  5. Industrial Lubricants – Gear oils for Manual & Automotive Gears
  6. Compressor Engine oils & Heavy Industrial Gear Oils
  7. Automotive Lubricants – ATF, Transmission oils , CVT
  8. Fully Synthetic & Semi-Synthetic engine oils
  9. 4T Motorcycle Engine Oils
  10. Slideway oils, Spindle oils, Ashless Hydraulic oils,Low Ash CNG /LPG/GNC Oils
  11. Marine Diesel engine oils , System oils , TPEO Truck Piston engine oils 3030,3040 , 4050, 7050 , 5030
  12. 2T TC oils for boats, 2T TCW for Low ash marine outboard engine oils , 2T TCW3 Ashless marine outboard engine oils
  13. Greases namely Lithium Multi-purpose MP2 / MP3/ MP4, Calcium Multi-purpose NLGI MP2 /MP3/ MP4, Heavy Pressure and Heavy load greases Lithium EP2/ EP3/EP4, Wire rope grease EP00/EP0 , Chassis grease , High temperature greases upto 300 C , Lithium Complex Grease as per NLGI Standards

A wide variety of Petrochemicals covered by DANA Lubricants, https://danalubes.com/dana-refinery/petrochemicals-manufacturing-plant/ ,worldwide are categorized majorly as :-

  1. Alcohols ( Ethanol , Methanol , Butanol, Propanol ,Iso propyl Alcohol ,Benzyl Alcohols )
  2. Glycols ( MEG Mono Ethylene Glycol , DEG Di Ethylene Glycol , TEG Tri Ethylene Glycol )
  3. Performance fluids for Automotive like Brake Fluids DOT 3 , DOT 4 , Antifreeze & Coolants
  4. Chlorinated Solvents( Methylene Chloride , Perchloro Ethylene , Trichloro Ethylene)
  5. Esters ( Ethyl Acetate , Iso Butyl Acetate , Iso Propyl Acetate , N Butyl Acetate , N Propyl Acetate )
  6. Acrylate Monomers( 2 Ethyl Hexyl Acrylate , Acrylic Acid , Butyl Acrylate , Ethyl Acrylate , Methyl Methacrylate , Styrene Monomer, Vinyl Acetate Monomer)
  7. Solvents ( Aliphatic Solvents like Hexane , Xylene , Toluene , Solvent Naptha )
  8. Ketones ( Acetone , Cycle Hexanone , Methyl Ethyl Ketone , Methyl Iso butyl Ketone)
  9. Plasticizers (Di iso Butyl Phthalate , Di Butyl Phthalate , Di Octyl Phthalate )
  10. Ethanol Amines ( Diethanol Amine ,Mono Ethanolamine , Tri ethanol amine )
  11. Glycerines , Fatty Acids like Palm Fatty Acid , Mutton Tallow , Phenols , Polyols, TetraHydro Furan
  12. RPO Rubber Processing Oils, Bitumen ,Naptha , Paraffin Wax and Esters
  13. White spirit and other Solvents

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