DANA Lubricants Participated at Trade Show held in Guatemala exhibition 2016 range of Lubricant Engine Oils in 2016

DANA Lubricants Factory LLC based in UAE ( Dubai ) is manufacturing Guatemala Exhibition 2016 Range of Engine Oil Grades for Automotive , Industrial , Aricultural , Mining & Various Other Applications . DANALUBES Brand 15W40 CJ4 motor oil is API Approved and is high quality of Engine Oil manufactured and exported to various countries in Central& South America, Asia , Africa and Middle east countries .

Products are :-

  • Gasoline / Petrol Engine Oil 
  • Diesel Engine Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil / Gear Oil / ATF Transmission Oil 
  • Metal Cutting Oil/ Quenching Oil / Mold release Oil 
  • Grease Lithium Multi-Purpose / Extreme Pressure 
  • High temperature Lithium Complex Grease / Water Resistant Calcium Grease 

Guatemala Exhibition 2016


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