Introduction-Transformer oil

DANA Transformer oil has excellent insulating properties

Transformer oil (Or Dielectric oil) is electrically insulating oil that has the tendency of remaining stable even at elevated temperatures. They are used in a variety of heavy-duty electric machinery including oil-filled transformers, some type of high voltage capacitors, fluorescent lamps ballasts.

Dielectric oils also find their application in high voltage switches and circuit breakers.

DANA transformer oil complies with important standards like IS 335:1993, IEC 296 Class I & II, IEC 60296, BS148 Grade I & II and also provide excellent insulating properties thanks to a well-optimised composition.

The role of a transformer oil

Basically, Transformer oil is needed for performing a couple of important functions.

  • It provides liquid insulation in electrical power transformer

The parts in a transformer which are at different voltages need to be insulated from each other. Oil insulation is relatively more affordable in comparison to solid insulation. Also, in contrast to air insulation the oil provides a much more compact construction.

  • It removes heat generated by the transformer, thereby acting as a coolant

The transformer winds dissipate a lot of electric energy in the form of heat energy. This heat needs to be removed. Transformer oil absorbs this heat from the windings and removes it from the transformer by conducting it to outside of the transformer.

  • It extinguishes the arc formation

Incipient faults like inter-turn short circuit are likely to give rise to arc generation, transformer oil if the present has the tendency of quenching the arc formation before it causes any serious damage.

  • Functions as a vibration dampener

The transformer core involves a pulsating magnetic field which essentially means that the transformer is continuously subjected to vibrations. The oil damps down the vibrations and minimizes the sound.

  • Provides lubrication to the Transformer components

The Dielectric oil is very important for providing lubrication to OLTC(On Load Tap Changer), which happens to be the only moving part inside the transformer.

Dielectric Oil formulation

In general, the Transformer oil consists of two main components, the base oil component and an additive. The base oil component makes at least 80% of the total weight of dielectric oil formulation. It comprises of paraffinic base oil having a paraffin content of greater than 80 wt % paraffins.

Types of Transformer Oils

The Dielectric oils can be majorly categorized into a couple of categories –

  • Paraffin based transformer oil

Paraffin transformer oil is commonly used in many countries (including India) owing to its high availability. The problem with the Paraffin oil is that it has a lower oxidation rate than Naphtha Oil which means that the oxidation product (sludge) is insoluble, and is precipitated at the bottom of the tank, which ends up obstructing transformer cooling system.

  • Naphtha based transformer oil

It gets more easily oxidized as compared to paraffin oil, the sludge does not get precipitated and hence effective cooling takes place in case of Naphtha based Transformer Oil.

Main Transformer Oil categories

There are certain international specifications that are assigned to summarize the physical and chemical properties of dielectric oils. The most popular of these specifications include IEC 60296 and ASTM D3487, which are applicable to naphthenic or paraffinic mineral oils.

The IEC 60296 specification can be further sub-divided into three categories, classification based on the level of antioxidants contained in the oil

  • Non-inhibited” category (U): antioxidant content = 0%
  • “Slightly inhibited” category (T): antioxidant content < 0.08%
  • “Inhibited” category (I): antioxidant content < 0.4%

Based on levels of antioxidants contained in the oil, even ASTM D3487 is divided into a couple of categories

  • Type I: antioxidant content < 0.08%
  • Type II: antioxidant content < 0.3%

Applications of Transformer Oil

As the name suggests, Transformer (or Dielectric) oils are generally used with a transformer, they can be used with both Distribution and Power transformer

  • Distribution transformer

They are the ones installed in the location of the city in order to provide the required voltage at the consumer terminals. This type of transformer operates at light loads in general.

  • Power transformer

These types of transformers are installed at finishing or receiving end of long high voltage transmission lines. They commonly operate at full load rating.

Apart from transformers, the transformer oils can also be used in circuit breakers, tap changers, switches, fuses, X-ray machine and Oil-immersed electrical equipment.

Attached herewith is the link to the Datasheet of Dana transformer oil

Dana Transformer Oil

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