Transformer Oil

Performance Standards:

It meets the Dana Naphthenic Uninhibited transformer oil specification IEC 60296.

Product Specifications:

Colour ASTM D 1500
Kinematic Viscosity @40 °C mm2/sec @ (-) 30°C mm2/sec ISO 3104 Max. 12
ISO 3104 Max. 1800
Pour Point °C ISO 3016 Max. (-) 40
Water Content (PPM) IEC 60814 Max. 30 mg/kg for bulk supply Max. 40 mg/kg for supply in Drum
Breakdown Voltage IEC 60156 Min. 30 kV as delivered Min. 70 kV after lab treatment
Density @20°C KG/dm3 ISO 3675 OR ISO 12185 TBR
Density @29.5C KG/dm3 ISO 3675 OR ISO 12185
Dielectric Dissipation Factor @ 90°C & 40 to 60 Hz IEC 60247 OR IEC 61620 Max. 0.005
Particle Content ISO 60970 No General Requirement
2-Refining/ Stability:
    Clear, free from sediment &
Appearance VISUAL Suspended matter
Acidity IEC 62021-1 OR IEC62021-2 Max. 0.01 mg KOH/gm
Inter Facial Tension MN/m EN 14210 OR ASTM D971 Min. 40
Total Sulphur Content IP 373 OR ISO 14596 No General Requirement
Corrosive Sulphur DIN 51353 Non Corrosive
Potentially Corrosive Sulphur IEC 62535 Non Corrosive
DBDS(Dibenzyldisulphide) mg/kg IEC 62697 Not Detectable(<5mg/kg)
    (U) Uninhibited Oil; Not Detectable
Inhibitors of IEC 60666 IEC 60666 (<0.01%)
Metal Passivator Additives mg/kg IEC 60666 Not Detectable
Other Additives
2 Furfural Content mg/kg/gm IEC 61198 Not Detectable
Stray Gassing See 6.22 No General Requirement
  IEC-61125:1992 (METHOD C)  
Oxidation Stability @120°C, 164 HRS TEST DURATION; UNINHIBITED OIL: 164 Hrs
A) Total Acidity mg KOH /gm 1.9.4 of IEC 61125:1992 Max. 1.2
B) Sludge % 1.9.1 of IEC 61125:1992 Max. 0.8
C) DDF @ 90 °C 1.9.6 Of IEC 61125:1992 Max. 0.5
Gassing Tendency Amendment 1(2004) +IEC 60247 No General Requirement
ECT IEC60628:1985, METHOD A No General Requirement
4- Health, Safety and Environment:    
Flash Point ISO 2719 Min. 135°C
PCA Content % BS-2000 PART 346 Max. 3 .0%
PCB Content mg/kg/gm IEC-61619 Not Detectable
Carbon Type Analysis CA % CP % CN %   4.0 to 12.0
FTIR Max. 50.0
  Min. 42.0




Transformer Oils manufactured by DANA LUBRICANT FACTORY are from selected, severely Hydrotreated Naphthenic & Isodewaxed / Hydrocracked Paraffinic Oils and Naphthenic Oils that are free from polar compounds, having high oxidation stability and ageing properties. The ultra low sulphur and wax free Naphthenic Oils/Paraffinic oils along with low Viscosity Index ensure excellent cooling characteristics, high solvency and low corrosivity. These optimally refined Transformer Oils also possess very good electrical and insulating properties, oxidation stability and controlled low or negative gassing tendency.

Panama Petrochem Ltd manufactures Transformer Oils that meet the following standards:

  • IS 335:1993
  • IEC 296 Class I & II
  • IEC 60296
  • BS148 Grade I & II

Transformer Oil

About Manufacturer

Dana Lubricants Factory, Dubai based , Petrochemical manufacturer and supplier for wide range of Petrochemicals covering Base oils,  Solvent Neutral Sn 100/150/300/500/600/900 , Automotive Lubricants and engine oils , Industrial Lubricant Oils and Grease , White oils and Petroleum Jelly, Octane  Booster and Fuel Additives , Transformer oils Paraffinic and Napthenic , White spirit , Mix Xylene toluene and Rpo . Middle east is hub for all petrochemicals refined,  produced and packaged in UAE in bulk packing like Iso , Flexi , Drums ( Metal drums and plastic drums ) , Ibc ( tote) and exported to across the globe using standard 20 ” and 40″ containers .


Dana Petrochemicals , Dana Plastics , Dana Lubricants , Dana Base oils , Dana Transformer Oils  , Dana Paints , Dana Steel are all different divisions of Dana Group of Companies spread around in entire UAE covering all emirates Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Ajman, UAQ and   other countries like India, Saudi Arabia and Oman .

For more details , visit http:// www.danalubes.com , http://www.danagroups.com



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