White Jelly – Introduction

White jelly, Vaseline jelly or petrolatum, is a semi-solid hydrocarbon C15H15N, chemical name 1,1,2-Trimethylbenzeindole. It is translucent in appearance (color varies from yellowish to amber or white) and derives from petroleum substances. And, principally finds its application in medicine and pharmacy where it uses as a protective dressing.

From the industrial point of view, it finds application in many types of polishes and lubricating greases. Also, from rust, preventive, and modeling clay.

We, here at DANA, ensure that the petroleum jelly we manufacture is in compliance with all IP (Indian Pharmacopoeia), BP (British Pharmacopoeia) and USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) standards.


Melting Point 70-80oC
Boiling Point 322oC
Density 0.84
Refractive Index 1.45
Flash Point 198oC
Solubility Practically insoluble in acetone, ethanol, hot or cold ethanol (95%), glycerin, and water; soluble in benzene, carbon disulfide, chloroform, ether, hexane, and most fixed and volatile oils
Form Extra-low viscosity
Colour White
Specific Gravity 0.815~0.880 (60oC)
pH 4.5~8.0 (25oC)
Stability Stable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
Molecular Weight 209.2863 g
Fire hazard Combustible
Chemical reactivity Inert


Extraction procedure

Vaseline jelly manufacture from the semi-solid residue that remains after steam/vacuum distillation (distillation performed under reduced pressure) of petroleum. After the distillation, the residue dewax and blended with stocks from other sources (along with lighter fractions), to obtain a product with the desired consistency. For the final purification, a combination of high-pressure hydrogenation and sulfuric acid treatment follows through filtration through absorbents.

Classification on the basis of use

White jelly can broadly categorize into three categories on the basis of application-

  • Industrial grade petroleum jelly
  • Cosmetic grade white jelly
  • Pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly

1)   Industrial grade petroleum jelly

The industrial-grade petrolatum, as the name suggests is used in the industries. The excellent lubrication and corrosion resistance characteristics of white jelly mean that it can use widely for a variety of industrial functions requiring the same.DANA White jelly is exported to many countries

Analysis of Industrial grade Vaseline Jelly

1 Kinematic viscosity at 100 ˚C 4.5-6 CST ASTM D-445
2 Congealing Point   (Point at which a mixture of liquid phase of a substance coexist with a small but increasing proportion of solid phase ) 54-58oC ASTM D-938
3 Penetration Consistency 110-150 (0.1 mm) ASTM D-937
4 Acidity or Alkalinity According to test method B.P 2007
5 Colour (Lovibond) Max 1.7 Y IP-17 Method A 33mm cell

Uses of Industrial grade White Jelly

Most applications of Vaseline jelly pertain to the fact that it has excellent lubricating and coating properties.

  • Vaseline Jelly use to coat corrosion-prone items such as metallic trinkets, non-stainless steel blades, and gun barrels, owing to its excellent water repellent properties and the fact that it is also inexpensive helps its cause. Due to its anti-corrosion property, White jelly finds use in medical equipment.
  • Vaseline jelly can use to finish and protect wooden surfaces; similarly, it might use as a coating material on leather products.
  • Petrolatum works very well as a lubricant; it is generally used as light lubricating grease.
  • It can use as a filler with plastic-insulated fibre-optic cables, it prevents the ingress of water into the cable
  • Petrolatum can use as an antifoaming agent; a defoamer or anti-foaming hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids.
  • Petroleum Jelly can also use as a releasing agent; a releasing agent is a chemical used to prevent other materials from bonding to surface.

2)    Cosmetic grade white jelly

The cosmetic grade white jelly (or snow-white petroleum jelly) recognize by US Food and Drug Administration as an approved skin protectant which is the reason why it is widely used in cosmetic/skin-care applications. The white jelly manufactured here at DANA, confirms with all IP, USP and BP standards.

DANA Vaseline jelly comes in number of packing options

Analysis of Cosmetic grade white jelly

1 Kinematic viscosity at 100 ˚C 4.7 CST 4.5-6 CST ASTM D-445
2 Congealing   Point 51 ˚C 50-54 ˚C ASTM D-938
3 Penetration Consistency 145 (0.1 mm) 140-160 (0.1 mm) ASTM D-937
4 Colour (Lovibond) 0.4 Y Max 0.5 Y IP-17 Method A 2 cell
5 Acidity or Alkalinity Passed According to the test method B.P 2007
6 Odour Passed Odourless when rubbed on hand ——-
7 Polycyclic aromatic Hydrocarbons Passed Not more than absorbance of solution 6mg/l Naphthalene in DMSO @ 278 nm B.P 2007

Uses of Cosmetic grade white jelly

The most common use of cosmetic grade snow-white jelly is as listed below-

  • Petrolatum use as an ingredient in skin lotion and cosmetics; it provides skin care and protection with reducing moisture loss.
  • It can use as hair gel; in fact, its mixture with beeswax makes an effective moustache wax.
  • Cosmetic grade jelly can use to reduce friction between skin and clothing during various sports activities, which means it is an effective skin lubricant.
  • Petrolatum is also used in the formulation of various personal care preparations like hair conditioners, lip balms and sun care products.

3)    Pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly

We manufacture pharmaceutical-grade snow-white petroleum Jelly and it is widely used used through many personal care and pharmaceutical companies as a very versatile, safe and economical formulation base.

DANA jelly is exported in large quantity

Analysis of pharmaceutical-grade white jelly

1 Kinematic viscosity at 100 ˚C 6.1 CST 6-8 CST ASTM D-445
2 Congealing Point 57 ˚C 45-58 ˚C ASTM D-938
3 Penetration Consistency 157 (0.1 mm) 140-160 (0.1 mm) ASTM D-937
4 Colour (Lovibond) 0.2 Y Max 0.5 Y IP-17 Method A 2 cell
5 Acidity or Alkalinity Passed According to the test method B.P 2007
6 Odour Passed Odourless when rubbed on hand ——-
7 Polycyclic aromatic Hydrocarbons Passed Not more than absorbance of solution 6mg/l Naphthalene in DMSO @ 278 nm B.P 2007

Uses of pharmaceutical-grade white jelly

The most common uses of pharmaceutical-grade snow-white jelly list as below-

  • It can use to protect minor cuts and burns.
  • Pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly use to protect and heal dry skin.
  • It forms an integral part of skin-protecting ointments and other medicated ointments.

Snow-white petroleum jelly packing

The snow-white petroleum jelly is available in a variety of packing options. To sum up we provide Vaseline jelly in packages varying over a large range, right from 100 grams to 165 kilograms.

In small size packings, Vaseline jelly pack into jars of 100 grams, 300 grams and 500 grams.

We also deal in medium-size packings that include buckets and jars weighing from 2 kilograms to 15 kilograms

For export to other countries, snow white petroleum jelly pack in large drums weighing 165 kilograms.

DANA deals in industrial, cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade white jelly

Attached herewith, please find the link to DANA White Jelly technical datasheet

DANA White Jelly

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