Hydraulic oil and other fluids have many uses. It serves as a lubricant, a sealant, and a conduit for the transfer of power or energy. It is a fluid that cleans contaminants from the machinery and also cools it. In order to transfer power, hydraulic machinery and equipment use a non-compressible fluid. Mineral- or synthetic-based hydraulic oil, often known as hydraulic fluid, is used in hydraulic systems.

Mineral-based hydraulic oils are formed from fractions of crude oil, whereas synthetic oils are made from base fluids made chemically.

In comparison to mineral oils, synthetic fluids can be designed to have better physical characteristics such high temperature performance, oxidation stability, and biodegradability.

How can I select the best hydraulic oil?

For the hydraulic system to function as effectively as possible, selecting hydraulic oil with the proper viscosity is crucial. The viscosity of hydraulic oil describes how easily oil drips at a given temperature. The oil grows thinner at higher temperatures and thicker at lower temperatures. ISO 37/46/68 is the most popular viscosity grading system.


ISO 37

Hydraulic 37 is a premium-grade mineral-based hydraulic oil that satisfies ISO criteria for hydraulic oil and has good anti-wear capabilities, protecting even the most demanding systems. This hydraulic fluid is resistant to rust, corrosion, and oxidation. It also has an efficient anti-foam component that reduces foam and speeds up the release of trapped air, maximising the effectiveness of the hydraulic system. Applications for hydraulic oil meeting ISO 37 include:

hydraulic systems utilising rotary or reciprocating fluid pumps



Industrial static hydraulics

Hydraulic earth-moving systems


ISO 46

A high-grade mineral-based hydraulic oil that meets ISO requirements for hydraulic oil, Hydraulic 46 has good anti-wear properties and can safeguard even the most demanding systems. This hydraulic fluid is not susceptible to oxidation, corrosion, or rust. Additionally, it contains a powerful anti-foam component that minimises foam and expedites the discharge of trapped air, maximising the hydraulic system’s efficiency.


Applications for ISO 46 hydraulic oil include:

machining headstocks

power steering

tipping gear




ISO 68


In addition to satisfying ISO criteria for hydraulic oil, Hydraulic 68 is a premium-grade mineral-based hydraulic oil from Crown Oil that offers protection in even the most demanding systems. This hydraulic fluid is resistant to rust, corrosion, and oxidation. It also has a potent anti-foam component that effectively manages foam and speeds up the discharge of entrapped air, increasing the effectiveness of the hydraulic system.


Applications for ISO 68 hydraulic oil include:

  • machining headstocks
  • centralized lubrication systems
  • tipping gear
  • airline lubricators
  • lightly loaded reciprocating compressors


Other ISO Grading by industry


  • ISO 15 Hydraulic Oil – ISO VG 15 Hydraulic Fluid is typically used in the power steering

and hydraulic brake systems.

  • ISO 22 Hydraulic Oil – ISO VG 22 Hydraulic Fluid is generally used in airlines for air

tools etc.

  • ISO 100 Hydraulic Oil – ISO VG 100 Hydraulic Fluid tends to be used in industrial

machinery with heavy loads.


Marine Industry 


For use in marine stern tubes, the ISO 68 and 100 grades are advised. Stern tubes, thrusters, controllable pitch propellers, stabilisers, rudder bearings, and other mechanical equipment submerged in water are examples of typical applications.

Other hydraulic and gear applications that call for high-performance lubricants may employ these products. The high viscosity index of the oils ensures stable viscosity across a wide temperature range.




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To choose the right oil, see your vehicle owner’s handbook or get advice from a professional.

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