Dana Group joins the 2nd UAE – India Economic Forum as Associate Sponsor


Fellow Speaker – Mr. Ankur Dana

UAE-INDIA Economic Forum - aie_forum_2016_speakers screenshot-2016-10-11-21-47-51



DANA Lubricants Factory LLC (DANA LUBES)  with ISO 9001: 2015 Certification and API approval is the successful leader from UAE. Moreover, Danalubes is  Lubricant Oil Manufacturer in Dubai , OILS & GREASE is Quality Manufacturer & Supplier of Automotive, Industrial & Marine Lubricant Oils. Since 2002, we are part of the prestigious Industrial Conglomerate DANA GROUP from Dubai UAE (www.danagroups.com). We are exporting to more than 70 countries worldwide including Europe, Asia, Africa, South & Central America, Australia and GCC(Arab Countries).

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