Heavy aromatic solvent 150 ( also know as solvent c10 ) is a clear , colorless liquid

Heavy Aromatic solvent 150

Is a clear , colorless liquid having a mild arimatic smell as it consists of petroleum hydrocarbons having c10

In predominant from. Solvent 150 is a heavy aromatic solvent having high solvency power , low volatile organic

Content(VCO) and a high boiling rate as compared to solvent C9. Aromatic 150 is also known by other names as

Solvent naphtha 150, solvesso 150, caromax 150, shellsol A150, and heavy aromatic solvent naphtha 150.

Solvent Naphtha 150

Has cas number 64742-94-5 and is manufactured by distillation of aromatic streams that are derived from

Petroleum products. Solvent C10 has a higher flash point and evaporation rate then xylene and hence it is used in paints and coatings manufacturing, agrochemical and pesticides formulations, oilfield chemicals manufacturing

And as a wash oil in ethylene crackers.


Technical Specifications

Property                           Units Minimum




Distillation Range

-Initial Bolling point

-Dry point










Flash point                               0C         62
Maxed Aniline Point                               0C       15
Aromatic content                              Wt%         98
Appearance              Clear colorless free from

Foreign material

Color                            APHA       50
Doctor test   Must pass
Specific gravity at 300C       0.880    0.905



Alternate Chemical Name

  • Aromatic solvent C10
  • Solvess o 150
  • Aromatic A150
  • Kocosol 150
  • Garosol 200
  • Exxon Naphtha 5
  • Kwick Dry
  • Naphtesol H
  • Naphtesol M
  • Heavy Aromatic Solvent naphtha
  • Aromatic Solvent


  • (As an unprocessed component – in the contrast to reforming above) in the production of petrol/motor gasoline
  • Industrial solvent and cleaning fluid
  • An oil painting medium
  • The sole ingredient in the home cleaning fluid energine , which has been discontinued. You can purchase this type of naphtha at any hardware store
  • An ingredient in shoe polish
  • An ingredient in some lighter fluid for wick type lighters such as zippo lighters
  • An adulterant to petrol
  • A fuel for portable stoves and lanterns, sold in north America as white gas or coleman fuel
  • Historically, as a probable ingredient in Greek fire (together with grease, oil, sulfur, and naturally occurring saltpeter from the desert)
  • A fuel for fire spinning fire juggling or other fire performance equipment which creates a brighter and cleaner yet shorter burn
  • To lightly wear the finish (polish) off guitars when preparing “relic” instruments
  • To remove oil from the aperture blades of camera lenses, which if present can slow the movement of the blades, leading to everexposure
  • In medieval time, post containing naphtha were used in battle as a from of primitive grenade




Storage and Distribution

Aromatic solvent C10 can be stored in mild steel drums and / or iso tank and transported by tank truck or bulk vessels. It should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area that is free from the risk of ignition. Aromatic solvent C10 has a specific gravity of 0.855 and a flash point of 55 0C (CC) which makes it flammable, and is classified as packing group III


 About Manufacturer


Dana Lubricants Factory, Dubai based , Petrochemical manufacturer and supplier for wide range of Petrochemicals covering Base oils,  Solvent Neutral Sn 100/150/300/500/600/900 , Automotive Lubricants and engine oils , Industrial Lubricant Oils and Grease , White oils and Petroleum Jelly, Octane  Booster and Fuel Additives , Transformer oils Paraffinic and Napthenic , White spirit , Mix Xylene toluene and Rpo . Middle east is hub for all petrochemicals refined,  produced and packaged in UAE in bulk packing like Iso , Flexi , Drums ( Metal drums and plastic drums ) , Ibc ( tote) and exported to across the globe using standard 20 ” and 40″ containers .


Dana Petrochemicals , Dana Plastics , Dana Lubricants , Dana Base oils , Dana Transformer Oils  , Dana Paints , Dana Steel are all different divisions of Dana Group of Companies spread around in entire UAE covering all emirates Dubai , Abu Dhabi , Ajman, UAQ and   other countries like India, Saudi Arabia and Oman .

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