DANA also produces and supplies its own range of oils. There are lubricating oils for automotive, marine and industrial applications. The company exports their product to more than 60 countries.

These include: diesel engine oil, petrol engine oil, gear oil and industrial oils.

All DANA oils are certified by ISO 9001.





Engine oil


Engine oil, generally used for the lubrication of internal combustion engines.

The right oil is crucial for the proper functioning of the engine and its life span.


Dana offers two types of engine oils: gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil.

Dana’s diesel and gasoline engine oils are virtually synthetic and semi-synthetic.

Synthetic and semi-synthetic oils are steadily increasing in popularity and the resulting product is purer and of better quality.

than mineral oils.




A semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of a mineral oil and a synthetic oil, which offers this compromise between quality and cost.



A synthetic oil is an exclusively synthetic and refined oil. They are well known and offer advantages such as protecting the engine over a much wider temperature range and offering a higher level of performance.









Industrial oils.


At DANA we manufacture and supply industrial oils. We have in our range of industrial oils: refrigeration oil, compressor oil, transformer oil, heat transfer fluid, cutting oil, cold rolling oil, quenching fluid.



Refrigeration oil


It ensures the lubrication of moving parts of all types of compressors, connecting rods, cylinders, pistons, screws, coils, as well as the good behaviour of the seals. It provides better sealing and helps to cool the compressed gas.


Dana’s lubricants are environmentally friendly and are designed to

Excellent evaporator cleanliness.

Less compressor wear

Low temperature fluidity.





Compressor oil



Compressor Oil is formulated with highly refined paraffinic base oils and high performance additives to provide extraordinary lubrication in a full range of rotary and reciprocating air compressors.

DANA compressor oils are quality engineered to provide powerful wear protection and resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown.

It also protects against corrosion and rust, and provides fast control of foam release and deaeration.


The benefits are manifold, such as reduced deposits and scaling, helping to reduce wear and tear on compressor components.







Transformer oil



Transformer oil is an “insulating oil for transformers and similar electrical equipment for which normal oxidation stability is required. These very low-sulphur, wax-free oils, combined with a low viscosity index, provide excellent cooling characteristics, high solvency and low corrosivity.



DANA transformer oil is certified and is highly resistant to thermal and chemical degradation. It is free of contaminants and has a low pour point.


Our oils meet different standards

– IS 335: 1993 I

– EC 296 Class I & II

– IEC 60296

– BS148 Grade I & II




Heat transfer fluid




A heat transfer fluid is a fluid that transports heat between several temperature sources.


These fluids are used in heat exchangers, for example in cooling systems for heat engines (such as a car engine), refrigerators, boilers, air conditioners, solar thermal collectors, radiators in electrical circuits (in the case of high-power electrical transformers) or electronic circuits, coal, oil, gas or nuclear power plants, and waste water heat exchangers.

Each heat transfer fluid is chosen according to its physico-chemical properties, such as viscosity, volume heat capacity, latent heat of vaporization (or liquefaction) in case of phase change, thermal conductivity, anti-corrosive properties, cost and must be fairly harmless to the environment.

Our heat transfer oil is resistant to thermal cracking and decomposition, in addition to that it has excellent thermal property and good oxidation stability, but above all it has good fluidity at low temperature.









Cutting oil




Cutting oil is a mixture of water and emulsified oil that is used in equipment to cool and facilitate the cutting and machining operation of metal parts. Its main function is to lubricate and cool


At DANA we have several cutting oils in our range:


– Water-soluble cooling oil (Oil-water emulsion)

– Whole Cutting Oil – Oil based coolant



– Environmentally friendly cutting oils (Metalworking fluids based on semi-synthetic, environmentally friendly vegetable oil and containing no mineral oil).










Rolling oil


Cold rolling/metal oil is based on a highly refined paraffinic base oil and selected additives to improve lubricity and load capacity.


This product is a blend of selected base oils and high performance additives providing excellent reduction capabilities, low oil consumption and excellent cooling capacity. In addition, the cold rolling/metal oil provides excellent surface finish and brightness.






Quenching oil


Quenching oil is an oil that is used to cool different types of steel and other metals for the purpose of hardening, tempering or heat treatment.

It offers several advantages


-Efficient hardening thanks to the viscosity of the oil which allows for rapid circulation during heat transfer for fast quenching

– Long oil life

– weak consumption













Hydraulic fluid and gear oil




Hydraulic fluid is a high quality fluid manufactured in accordance with requirements. Therefore, this product is based on easily biodegradable synthetic esters. A carefully selected set of high-performance additives provides it with excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, as well as good thermal stability and corrosion protection. High oxidation resistance anticipates gumming and drop build-up at maximum temperatures. Due to the high natural VI of the base fluid and the low pour point, the viscosity behaviour as a function of temperature allows use over a wide operating temperature range.

Hydraulic fluid is recommended in the event of accidental loss of fluid in the environment or contamination by surface water. The fields of application cover the industrial, forestry, abyssal and resolutely adaptable equipment sectors. This can include depots, reservoirs, waterways, parks, boreholes, woodworking machinery, dredgers, river locks and agricultural machinery, etc. On ships, applications can cover bow thrusters, propeller systems and bridge machinery.








Base Oil


At Dana we also have base oils classified in 3 groups according to the API (American Petroleum Institute)


There is group 1 oil which is presented as solvents that are highly refined…


There is the type 2 oil which are the base oils of group II have better antioxidant properties. They also have a lighter colour and are more expensive compared to group I base oils. Nevertheless, Group II base oils are becoming very common on the market and their price is very close to Group I oils.


And finally, type 3 oils These oils are more refined than group II base oils and are generally highly hydrocracked (higher pressure and heat). This longer process is designed to obtain a purer base oil. Although they are based on crude oil, Group III base oils are sometimes described as synthesized hydrocarbons. Like Group II base oils, they are also becoming more and more common.

















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