Dana DEXRON-VI Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) OR Mercon LV is made up of high-quality synthetic base stocks and cutting-edge additive technologies. DEXRON-VI is a high-performance automatic transmission fluid developed with high viscosity index base oils and a...
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Hydraulic Pump Maintenance – Using the Right Grade of Hydraulic Oil

Let’s continue with lubricants and their different grades. In hydraulic systems, there are three types of pumps. Vane, Piston, and Gear (internal and external). Each of these pump designs has been used for a particular function and operation. Oils selection must be...
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15W40 CJ4/CI4/CH4 – DANA Lubricants Factory LLC (DANA LUBES)

DANA Lubricants Factory LLC (DANA LUBES) got an ISO 9001: 2015 Certification and API Approval. We are Lubricant Oil Manufacturer in Dubai. Quality Manufacturer & Supplier of Automotive, Industrial & Marine Dana Lubricants Oils and Grease. Since 2002, we are part of the...
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Our Different Greases

Fats At Dana Lubricants, we offer greases (different greases in English). In addition, we have several types of greases for automotive and industrial parts in our product line. Lubricating grease for automotive and industrial applications. At DANA, we have automotive parts...
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Lubricating Oils l DANA OILS

OILS   DANA also produces and supplies its own range of oils. There are lubricating oils for automotive, marine, and industrial applications. The company exports its product to more than 60 countries. These include diesel engine oil, petrol engine oil, gear oil, and...
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