Although greases can be used as lubricants, they are not all greases! As a starting point, consider the following definition from the American Society for Testing and Materials:

“A solid to semi-fluid result of a thickening agent in a liquid lubricant; other additives may be used to impart particular qualities.”

Is it a liquid or a solid? According to this description, grease is a semi-fluid, which means it will change shape depending on the circumstances. Grease’s thickening ingredient absorbs motor oil like a sponge. The oil will be freed from the thickening agent under pressure or at a high temperature. The yield point is the moment at which oil exits the sponge and lubricates all of the components.

As an example, consider the grease used within a contemporary bearing. Oil will flow out of the matrix structure and provide lubrication once grease is subjected to pressure. When the pressure is relieved, the matrix will begin to absorb the oil and return it to the matrix. Grease has a unique collection of qualities and applications due to this shapeshifting property.

Marine Grade Lubricants & Greases

All lubricants aid in the reduction of friction and heat, the prevention of damage, and the extension of component life. However, not all oils can be used in potentially caustic situations, such as those found by the shore or at sea. Marine lubricants include a number of significant characteristics that make them appropriate for use in boat engines, on ships, and in other marine-related applications. We’ll look at some of the most important of those features in this piece.

Why Is Marine Engine Lubrication Different?

Before we get into the specific characteristics of marine lubricants, it’s important to understand why marine engine lubrication differs from that of non-marine engines. There are various causes for this, including the following:

Marine engines are frequently substantially larger than their land-based counterparts, especially on larger ships.

High Efficiencies – In order to create enough motive power, marine engines must be extremely efficient, which necessitates high firing pressures.

Diesel fuel is used in most marine engines, however it is not high-quality diesel. Carbon residue and high sulphur concentration are important issues.

Industrial Lubricants & Greases

To identify which lubricant is suitable for a certain application, one must first evaluate the situation. Consider elements like as speed, temperature, load, vibration, moisture, and dust in the application/environment. Consider the following:

The type of lubricant base oil is determined by temperature.

The needed viscosity is determined by the speed (at operating temperature)

The additive package is determined by the load, vibration, and moisture.


A lubricant can be classified into three (3) categories:

Flowing (Liquid)

Semi-Transparent (Grease)

Solids are a type of material that can be (Dry)


Grease, for example, is made up of an oil base stock, thickeners, and performance-enhancing functional additives. Conventional base stocks like mineral oils and standard thickeners like lithium/lithium complex are available. These thickener-based greases are less expensive and thus more widely utilised, but they don’t perform as well as synthetic base greases. The additive package of a lubricant has a considerable impact on its performance.

Plan Ahead for Extreme Conditions

If you’re working in a harsh environment like a mine, where there’s a lot of moisture, corrosion, and extreme temperatures, choosing the correct lubricant is even more important. Selecting a lubricant that will maintain a sufficient coating of lubrication to reduce friction, resist load and wear, and prevent corrosion is even more crucial to equipment life.

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