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DANA Shuttering Oil (Form-release oil)

Shuttering Vs Formwork Shuttering is the method of forming the mould using plywood, while formwork, on the other hand, denotes the same phenomena but with the use of a variety of materials. Both shuttering and framework use to accomplish the same task but the main difference lies...
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dana lubricants made in uae - Engine oil Supplier & manufacturer in dubai uae

DANA Railroad oil / Zinc free train Engine oil

Introduction Railroad Oil or locomotive or zinc free train engine oil or railroad diesel engine oil is an optimized formulation. It contains lower sulfur levels. It increased emission control systems for new as well as the older locomotive engine. Due to chlorine deprived...
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DANA Low Ash CNG/LPG/GNC Engine Oil

Engine Oil – Introduction Engine oil is one of the substances that comprise base oils enhancing with various additives. Motor Oil is useful for the lubrication of internal combustion engines. The main function of motor oil is to reduce friction and wear on moving parts and...
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DANA White Jelly; Snow-white jelly (IP, BP & USP certified)

White Jelly – Introduction White jelly, Vaseline jelly or petrolatum, is a semi-solid hydrocarbon C15H15N, chemical name 1,1,2-Trimethylbenzeindole. It is translucent in appearance (color varies from yellowish to amber or white) and derives from petroleum substances. And,...
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DANA Transformer Oil (Dielectric oil)

Introduction-Transformer oil Transformer oil (Or Dielectric oil) is electrically insulating oil that tends to remain stable even at elevated temperatures. They use in a range of heavy-duty electric machinery consisting of oil-filled transformers, some type of high voltage...
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DANA Lubricants -Made With Germany Technology , Since 2002

DANA Lubricants -Made  With German Technology, Since 2002 At DANA Lubricants production plant of Germany Technology, well equipped with big to small blending kettles. They are enabling us to toll blend lubricants from bulk volumes. This is for small batches catering to...
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Industrial Lubricants Suppliers & Manufacturers in Dubai UAE

DANA LUBRICANTS FACTORY LLC offers a wide scope of Industrial Lubricants Suppliers of specific lubricants and oils in changed modern applications under the brand name of DANA LUBRICANTS FACTORY LLC. DANA LUBRICANTS FACTORY LLC is one of the main distributor and supplier...
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Brake Fluid DOT 3 and 4 Manufacturer & Supplier

Introduction of Brake Fluid Dot 3 and 4 Brake Fluid Dot 3 and 4 is a red-color superior premium quality completely fully synthetic heavy-duty hydraulic brake fluid. It contains hostile to oxidant, metal de-activator, and erosion inhibitor for long administration life of brake...
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Custom Private Label OEM Lubricant Filler Packaging in Dubai

Custom Private Label OEM Lubricant Filler Packaging DANA LUBRICANTS FACTORY LLC has a long history of value items and product services. Attention on driving item improvement. And steady quality have settled on Dana Lubes This is by the decision provider for Custom Private Label...
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20 Ltr SAE 40 & SAE 50 Diesel Engine Oil Manufacturer (Good Quality)

Introduction of SAE 40 & SAE 50 Diesel Engine Oil SAE 40 & SAE 50 Diesel Engine Oil manufactures oil got from characteristic or unrefined petroleum. Here, SAE represents Society of Automotive Engineers and 40 alludes to the consistency of the oil. In layman’s term,...
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